Instant Oatmeal on Steroids

Why Powersludge?

As a longevity athlete with a demanding schedule, I've always faced the challenge of juggling my career, training, and nutrition. Believing firmly in the superior nutrient absorption from real foods, I created Powersludge, a blend of organic oatmeal, nuts, seeds and other ingredients backed by science.*

Developed through extensive research into the optimal foods for peak performance and longevity, Powersludge has become an essential part of my daily routine. By just adding hot water, I'm able to make a nutrient-rich meal that ensures I get my daily dose of vitamins, minerals, fiber, flavonoids, and protein without having to spend time measuring and ordering ingredients.*

Powersludge is more than just the foundation of my daily nutrition; it's a passion project, crafted with care. I'm eager to hear your experiences with it and see how you tailor Powersludge to fit your unique lifestyle and nutritional needs. Let's share in this journey of wellness together! *

- Aryk

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